100% Occupancy Strategy I Attract Long Term Direct Booking For Serviced Accommodation I Open Rent UK

Please watch the full video, as I share how to  create market placement for serviced accommodation business which will allow you to achieve 100% Occupancy rate using Open Rent.

This free youtube training that I have offered is to show there are so many different strategy / market placements you can create for your serviced accommodation business to start achieving those long term direct bookings.

Open Rent UK has 3 offering which are :

  1. Open Rent Advertising.
  2. Open Rent, Right Move & Zoopla Advertising.  ( Cost involved)
  3. All above platforms + Contracts completion  ( Cost involved)

So, I recommend the 2nd option which allows you to have your listings on all major property platforms. The above marketing would attract a family which is going through renovations, and need to get out from their house for short period, insurance companies, business travelers with 3 months contracts , etc.

I would highly recommend if you are a serviced accommodation owner, please register yourself on the above platforms, as it is another opportunity to be seen and drive your company branding.

I share a lot step by step process of branding / marketing through my Online Program, please visit the link below.

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