How to Make Estate/ Letting Agents Work For You in Serviced Accommodation Business?

Please watch the full video, as I share the whole idea of working with letting agents to help you in long term growth.

So, incredible overall year of 2018 & 2019 where really without my pitch of

“I have worked with the likes of WINKWORTH, MARTIN & CO, CHANCELLORS ,etc , it wouldn’t have been possible…..

It’s so important what I have shared with yourself on video is crucial. When you have letting agents working for you for referencing that you automatically open to a lot of doors and deals in a new area of investments.

Being a serviced accommodation sourcer, working with my bespoke investor club, it is very important that I also keep the reputation of these company, working alongside them. So, one of my main deal in 2019, was only completed by referencing through 2 agents. So these proves that how vital it is to keep “relationship with your letting agents”.

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