How To Hire House Keeping Team in Serviced Accommodation Business

How to Hire House Keeping Team Serviced Accommodation Business ! Learn and use the tips.

Please watch the full video, as I share what are the challenges Housekeeping team in Serviced Accommodation Business,  and how to mitigate those challenges/risks.

So, over the few years in serviced accommodation business and over a few or more than a few changes of housekeeping team.  I want to help as many new serviced accommodation owners in the UK, to be alert on how to hire house keeping team. Why only one housekeeping team isn’t good enough, and how they could let you down through the process of guests arrivals, etc.

Well you heard the story of how housekeeping team can, take sudden time off, and reality is what’s next when you have new guests/ clients coming to your serviced accommodation. This is so crucial as a part of property investing as serviced accommodation business, its important to understand that it also requires a business mindset mainly problem solving. Some of the top tips on how to hire cleaners/housekeeping team has been mentioned in the video.

A new cleaner who has never done a serviced accommodation will only understand the term AIRBNB, so when you ask they if they have completed any AIRBNB cleans before, that will be a great first indication of their understand of Serviced Accommodation Business.

I have a full checklist that I offer to housekeeping team when I met, and explain what I am exactly looking for. They are what makes or breaks your serviced accommodation business, as the details they need to put in for guests is very important.

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