Air Bnb Or I The Power of Online Travel Agents I Serviced Accommodation Business

Air Bnb Or , The Power of Online Travel Agents in Serviced Accommodation Business

Please watch the full video, as I share the power of online travel agents such as Air Bnb & for Serviced Accommodation Business.

So, the power of online travel agents, be or Air Bnb, it is important to use all platforms to deliver your “Company Branding”. Remember was found in 1996 so the platform shows true influence to travelling market, and attracting clients from all around the world. Air Bnb has now also changed the game, found in 2008 but it really has all the traveler’s requirement and attracting a new clientele.

As a serviced accommodation owner, it is so important to influence your company branding using all the platforms, so eventually you get to direct them to your website, and also receive direct bookings. So, I get asked a lot of time, HOW DO I SET UP BOOKING.COM  or HOW DO I SET UP AIR BNB. The fact is , its not just setting up. To make sure the listing works for you, it is important to set the listings with correct pictures, descriptions, etc to attract those short term, long term, holiday lets clients.

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