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Welcome you to my Bespoke Investor Club, where over this 12 weeks we go through a complete package of either getting started  into serviced accommodation business, or adding more properties to your portfolio. Within the first 7 days , you’ll have your serviced accommodation business started, now this means you have got a Legal serviced accommodation business, now all we need is “Some Properties”.  I will then take you to week 2 , with a great movement and really motivating you to show you exact step on how to create a successful serviced accommodation business. We then get in the properties , its simple : working with landlords directly or letting agents ( now remember the likes of Winkworth, Martin & Co, Chancellors, etc) have worked with me, so we have easy access to most agents in the UK, with the credibility which will make your life a lot easier to get your first unit or grow relationship with agents to add more to your portfolio.

To date, I am so excited to say that my clients who have already gone through “Sourcing” with me, have had no units to now a successful running serviced accommodation business, something I am really proud of.  If we decide to work with you, its genuinely because we know that based on your current criteria we can achieve your goals of starting or scaling your serviced accommodation business. The result you will see in 12 weeks it will include CONSULTING & BRANDING, which I will discuss below.

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I love sharing this part of the Bespoke Investor Club, where this is either a done-with-you service or a done-for-you service. I always get asked why is it 12 weeks process of Bespoke Investor Club, and hence here is where I get excited to say within that 12 weeks process, I want to help you understand everything there is about “Serviced Accommodation Business”. I believe that a SOURCING is not only to make numbers add up, but I want to make sure I share you all the gems, the scripts, the tools, plug & plays, etc you need for serviced accommodation business. In a nutshell it is to BUILD  YOUR SERVICED ACCOMMODATION foundation for years to come. Not only I will show you a script that makes letting agent work with you, but also you get to see it on our weekly calls, how I implement it and how you can further when you go on your own can really use this to scale your business of serviced accommodation, and it’s always easy to see from someone like myself who have had great success doing it for myself and also for my previous sourcing clients. 

I can go through a list of opportunities, and things I would cover but I want to give you an opportunity to really replicate my business model into yours to create a success from the day you start. 

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The fact of Serviced Accommodation Business is it’s a “Marketer Business”. Now, I have seen many serviced accommodation owners struggling when their properties GO LIVE, as they had high expectation from Online Travel Agents such as Airbnb,, Expedia, etc. Well, this is why working with us, we have a whole section of  your serviced accommodation “BRAND BUILDER” which you will cherish to get great BOOKINGS, SALES, etc but also you will be proud owner whilst dealing with letting agents or landlords while using your brand to do the work for you.

This itself is a 4 Weeks program, where we have worked with many serviced accommodation owners on the BRAND BUILDER to help them scale their business. Now, when you join my bespoke investor club, you get an instant access of this opportunity, and be ready from Day 1 of trading.