Make Commission & Referral Fees in Serviced Accommodation Business

How I make up to £1000 in Referral Commission in Serviced Accommodation Business & Property Investing UK

Please watch the full video, as I share how branding/ marketing of your serviced accommodation business will lead you to earn extra commission and referral fees.

So, when your working in your area of investments, I always make sure that it is important you create a company branding delivered to your clients. So, at many cases, now I get direct calls from contractors, business travelers, groups, families, etc who are looking to book accommodation. Now, my serviced accommodation might be full. But then what I do is tell them I can offer the service based on our availability but also depends on their requirements etc.

So, I believe that currently there is £1000s left on the table by Serviced Accommodation Owners in the UK, purely because either they are not placed themselves in the market with their COMPANY branding, or they say they can’t accommodate the client and then turn them down.

The joy of referring clients to other serviced accommodation owner is priceless, as you are helping and building great relationship with your competitors, but at the same time you are also getting yourself commission as you are helping them with the bookings.

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