Lead Your Business Through Coronavirus Crisis I For Business Owners I Serviced Accommodation UK

Please watch the full video, as I share just a standard mindset of this challenging time in early announcement of “Corona Virus” and the impact it has been created in the economy and general businesses.

So, I share few things that you need to consider as a business owner during this period to create a sustainable yet, business decisions to go through this current challenging market. The unstable market really doesn’t show what and when things are going to recover and SME businesses we have only one choice which is to take control and really push forward.

Our serviced accommodation industry has now gone from no travelers, i.e. families, business travelers, contractors, etc to helping out housing keyworkers , NHS staffs, etc . The change in “clients” means a whole change in marketing direction too. So it is important to adapt it to the situation and the market.

I have been fortunate to take a few onboarding clients for online program this week, where I share step by step process, systems and structure to start your serviced accommodation business. If you would like to know more – link below.

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