Q2- 1st April 2020, Serviced Accommodation Business

Q2 Proeparthy Serviced Accommodation Business Market Trend Strategy Rent to Rent Investments

Ohh lets just think Q1 managed to create “surprises” to many businesses/ entrepreneurs & with all these things going on we are now moving into second quarter of 2020 & writing through a new plan , whilst reviewing what I had set in early 2020.

We all know many of our goals/ objectives that we set for 2020 are now based on reviews & adaptation. It is critical as a business , no matter how big or small these are done.

With that all being said preparation of next 90 days is to rebuild, challenge & plan other half of 2020 , & rethink 2021 too. You will have different approach take some clear actions & grow forward.

A current global shutdown means you are RICH….. TIME RICH, which sometimes is the best thing we miss in life as we are so busy on day to day working/ running of our businesses. So now is the the time to create & invest, break barriers & go through this challenges for the next 90 days.

Many of us have been hoping that things will return back to normal as soon as but you have been given a “Opportunity of lifetime” to break down the barriers of fears & doubts, by bringing certainty to our lives.

I am ready and enjoying this push with overall client onboardings, helping more & more serviced accommodation owners through consulting & online program, & creating a beautiful platform where I can cherish helping a lot more SA owners.

So, if you are looking to learn more about Serviced Accommodation business, a perfect time to know the good/bad/ugly/great about the strategy, please visit the link below.

Feel free to share below your Q2 & how you think it will help us all cherish.

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