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Learn step by step process from starting the business to securing your serviced accommodation property.

Learn how to use the “Top Marketing Strategy to create the BEST Occupancy for your properties”.

Forget about worrying how to approach letting agents, and make agents work for you to secure your serviced accommodation properties.


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When You Purchase Serviced Accommodation Online Program,
You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

50+ Video of Step By Step Training: (£2000 Value)


Over the span of 50+ videos, How to be top 1% of serviced accommodation owner has training that covers every aspect of building your serviced accommodation business. I use this exact step while I work with my sourcing clients and they pay the above value. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success results to back it up! You name it….. Securing units, correct market checks, qualifying units, setting up, market placement, direct bookings, speak to landlord / letting agents….. this course has everything covered for you.


Thanks to “MY MENTOR” . Watch the above video. I want to help & support you personally.

1 – 1  4 Weekly Q & A / Support Calls with Piers BK : (£990 Value)

Piers currently charges client anywhere from £500 + for ” Business Builder Consulting” . Currently, the online program is even better that you get a opportunity to pick his brain first hand over a skype/zoom call for an hour every week. He wants to provide you extra support with business mindset & being a serviced accommodation owner. The value is added to the program for you. 


15 Plug & Play, Scripts, Documents, Deal Analyser, Property Qualifier & many more: (£1500 Value)

Totally honest, this is a blueprint of what I use in my business every single day, took me time effort and mistakes ( time & money) to build this systems & structures in places. This is handed you straight away . Creating ” 2 Hours Serviced Accommodation Zone Qualifier” , this document itself will change your mind of deal analysing and deal finding, it took me months to put this together, and this is what I use & all my clients have used to “QUALIFY A DEAL”. We have 10 automated system emails/text for your guests, handed to you in here. Are you worried about what you should buy for set up? I have a huge checklist from room to room, kitchen , lounge, etc  so you just need to tick off and not worry about planning.


 Here is What They Are Saying. With The Knowledge I have Shared & Results They Have Achieved:

Results for Client Propearthy Best Serviced Accommodation Trainer Mentor Strategy
1 to 1 Training Serviced Accommodation Training Online Course Mentor (1)

Here’s What You’re Going To Get:

50+ Video of Step By Step Training: (£2000 Value)

1 – 1 4 Weekly Q & A / Support Calls with Piers BK : (£990 Value)

15 Plug & Play, Scripts, Documents, Deal Analyser, Property Qualifier & many more: (£1500 Value)

Total Value: £4490
EVERYDAY Price: £991

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The Curriculum

Week 1: What is Serviced Accommodation Business , Legals & Branding/ Marketing

  • ► A Success Welcome Video with Piers : Introduction
  • ► The Complete Package : List Of Content Of The Online Program
  • ► Types of Serviced Accommodation.
  • ►What Type Of Client Use Serviced Accommodation.
  • ► Serviced Accommodation Legal Requirement – Setting up Company.
  • ► 8 Success Of Serviced Accommodation Business Branding & Marketing
  • ► Action Taking & Quiz.

Week 2: Actions & Implementation To Secure Serviced Accommodation Property.

  • ► Finding a Serviced Accommodation Property.
  • ► Qualifying a Location for Serviced Accommodation.
  • ► Types of Properties
  • ► Qualifying Properties for Serviced Accommodation
  • ► Utilising Serviced Accommodation Deal Analyser
  • ► How To Book Over 10 Viewings In a Day
  • ► Approaching Letting Agents For Your 1st Deal
  • ► How To Do Your Numbers
  • ► How to Complete Due Diligence
  • ► Occupancy Rates and How it works
  • ► Putting Offers To Landlord / Letting Agents
  • ► Legal Checks with Landlord / Letting Agents
  • ► What Contracts / Agreements Can Be Used.
  • ► Your Legal Paperworks / Documentation.

Week 3: Keys Picks & Set Up Of The Apartment

  • ► Keys Pick Up
  • ► Getting The Power Team Ready
  • ► Setting Up The Apartment
  • ► Things To Consider While Setting Up The Apartment
  • ► Set up complete, Ready to Market Online in Online Travel Agents

Week 4: Complete Registration On Online Travel Agents and Website

  • ► Registering Properties in Air bnb
  • ► Registering Properties in Booking.com
  • ► Apartment is Live.
  • ► What’s next? Lets talk about Operational.
  • ► 5 Things To Consider in Your Power Team & Outsourcing
  • ► 10 Apps to Use as a Serviced Accommodation Business Owner
  • ► Recommendation In Some Companies & Products Which Will Help in Systemisation.
  • ► A Daily Operational Success Checklist
  • ► Sales & Ongoing Performance
  • ► Ongoing 5 Things to Consider In Your Serviced Accommodation Business

10 Bonus Videos ( Additional & Surprise) : Just For You.

  • ► Bonus Video 1  : Why Investing In …………
  • ► Bonus Video 2  : Why Completing ……..
  • ► Bonus Video 3  : Why Use Channel Managers For ……..
  • ► Bonus Video 4  : What To Do With …………
  • ► Bonus Video 5  : Things To Do When ………………
  • ► Bonus Video 6  : Cleaning ……….. And Checklist
  • ► Bonus Video 7  : How To Get………… Bookings
  • ► Bonus Video 8  : My 5 Tips on ………..
  • ► Bonus Video 9 : Ongoing 5 Things to …………. Accommodation Business
  • ► Bonus Video 10 : 5 Free ………….. From Me.

Questions & Policies

How can I get best result from this Online Program?

From 4 years of property experiences myself and working with a lot of 1 -1 clients , what I have covered in Online Program is a step by step process . So , I would recommend each video to be actioned, and then move to next to get you the BEST RESULTS. The step is what I and all my client use daily in our serviced accommodation business. Today, I have clients making £1000+ a month in PROFIT from 1 unit.
No matter where you are in your journey, this is a proven business model that is only getting bigger and bigger.

What is the best part of this Serviced Accommodation Online Program?

Well , so no other Serviced Accommodation Training or Online Masterclass will offer you this detailed 15 Scripts, Bonus Video, Plug & Play, Documents, etc. That itself will save you £1000s in not making mistakes or error in the business. What I am sharing makes this online program COMPLETE & RESULT DRIVEN.

When can I do this program? Does it have to be in 4 weeks?

With the current offer, I am giving a LIFE TIME ACCESS, which means not only you have all this videos to complete through, you can keep going back and learning from it. What a great opportunity to gather information. I have done online program where I have only 1 year access, and then it’s gone. I wanted to create the best opportunity and result for you by doing life time access


The Serviced Accommodation Online Program breaks down precisely how Piers have managed to build a successful serviced accommodation business for himself and all his 1-1 clients in 24 months. Prior to owning a high street estate agency , Piers have shared you how to build a business in general focusing in major 4 key factors of business which are PEOPLE, BRANDING /MARKETING , OPERATIONAL/LEGALS & SALES/PERFORMANCE. This itself will give you such a great overview of the online program.

After taking all his success , he has repeated that with his 1 – 1 clients who are now running successful units like him and he started showing others how to replicate his same systems and processes to build a successful serviced accommodation business.

With all success clients, and them building a great portfolio from 1 to 6 units within few months, Piers have decided to take the real world value to online to continue and help more and more people through his knowledge, support, tools, systems & processes.

Piers works with 1 on 1 clients for anywhere from £2800 to £5500 and his schedules is booked up with these engagements. Instead, today you are getting the exact information for a fraction of the price. Make sure you register before it’s take down shortly or the prices will go up.

Fahmid Firoz
After spending 1 on 1 with Piers, he has had the immense growth of building his portfolio and today he has build 7 units in 6 months. This is just what shows how well clients are shown path for their growth working with Piers and his tools, structure and systems.
Samuel Crawford
Started with Piers , now runs successful serviced accommodation business , whilst he is growing other strategies in property investment world.
Shelina Ratansi
Today has the most beautiful 2 serviced accommodation units in Peterborough, and has grown strength to strength in her operation of serviced accommodation business.
Enroll to Online Training, and Receive 1 on 1 With Piers For Next 4 weeks , 15 Script & Tools & 10 Bonus Video Included For Just £499*

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