Step One

Our deals are only exclusive to our mailing lists which is scheduled on a weekly basis. We send our deals via our email mailing lists hence if you haven’t join please click the link below and let us know your requirements.

Step Two

Once you have joined our mailing list, we will be sending our weekly emails with our attachments and offerings to our investors. If you would like to reserve any our deals that came through on the weekly email, we have an instruction email to follow.

Propearthy Investments Development Serviced Accommodation Sourcing

However to go through basic:

  1. Receive the weekly email with deals.
  2. Once follow the instruction via email from you, we will schedule a call on the basis of how reservation has come through.
  3. We will have a phone call/ internet call to run through the property deals, and the investments opportunities.
  4. If you would like to proceed we will send you a copy of our Ts and Cs, Terms of sale and invoices of our finders fee.
  5. Once we received all of the above back , we will then call you back to talk you through the details of the property including Estate agents, house numbers, etc.
  6. We will instantly then send the estate agent your details as a registered buyer.
  7. As a normal selling check, the estate agent or the landlord will ask you for the proof of funds and documentations as requirements.
  8. Then the agent will be dealing with your directly, however we will be a guidance to you if required , but mainly will be referred to your solicitors.