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I am absolutely pleased to announce and share the new independent directory for serviced accommodation business. The platform was created to support as many serviced accommodation owners with all the cancellations for air bnb & booking. com , and current situations we wanted some direct booking market placement. I was keen to reach out to my marketing team to be able to deliver this, and today we have over 100+ serviced accommodation owners registered in our website, with their company profile and property listings. This is a great way I can give back to serviced accommodation community.

Meanwhile, also sharing a client onboarding that I completed for ” Serviced Accommodation Online Program”. The online program, really consists of step to step guide from legals, branding/marketing, operational & sales/performances of starting a serviced accommodation business. Due to this situation, my client has decided to invest in my online program, so I also offered 1-1 4 weeks call support to help them further in their learning with myself.

If you are looking to learn more about serviced accommodation business, please visit our website : https://propearthy.co.uk/serviced-accommodation-onlineprogram/

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